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Established in 2013 and founded on the basis of family tradition, allegiance and credibility, the company emerges from the need to supply the Angolan Agricultural Market, which is supplied mostly through imports from neighboring regions such as Namibia and South Africa

"Jardins da Yoba" invests in leading edge technology and know-how of the top engineers and technicians, national and expatriate, to produce and to bring you, best quality products of Angolan soil.

The focus on the production of potato seed, potato, animal feed and in the future, corn, soybean and vegetable oil, sustain the commitment to offer high quality products produced by our peopleas


Ensuring the customer satisfaction by the national agricultural production, while meeting the needs of producers and consumers, either by "latest technology" as by the training of human resources that provide a distinct and unique relationship with all our customers and partners.


Growing up as a brand of Angolan reference, both national and international, able to offer and distribute its products in all provinces of Angola, while the faithful partner of the Angolan consumer for its excellent characteristics of products and service level.


  • Commitment and credibility
  • Respect for customers and suppliers
  • Valuation of employees / collaborators
  • Excellence in the pursuit of the production of the best quality products